What to expect as a first time guest

Here is a fairly detailed look at what to expect when you visit us on any given Sunday. Our meetings generally run from 9-10:45am


  • When you arrive, you’re going to be greeted by a parking attendant (wearing a reflective jacket) who will point you to our main entrance. We also have a friendly “car guard” who is paid to make sure your vehicle is safe.
  • At the door, you will be greeted by someone who’s excited to see you, will point you to where you need to go and answer any questions you might have.
  • Then make your way to a seat and sit wherever you feel comfortable
  • The meetings generally start at 9 am sharp (yes we have a 5min countdown :-))
  • This is followed by worship, which can be anywhere in between “high energy with dancing” to “slow and soft with some kneeling”. The worship is Eldership led.
  • During worship, we might have someone take the house microphone and share something that they feel God is laying on their hearts. These are often referred to as “prophetic words/song”. This is by and large Eldership vetted.
  • This is followed by our in-house announcements, tithes and offering collection and perhaps some testimonies.
  • At the end of the announcements, we send the kiddies out to Kids Ministry, where they will join us again after the meeting.
  • Following this is inspiring teaching from the Bible, from between 30-45 mins
  • Sometimes after the message, there is a short time of ministry, which often takes the form of prayer
  • After the service, if you want to join us, we grab a cup of coffee or tea, some biscuits or cake and head out into our grassed courtyard to catch up.


Hope to see you soon!

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