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  Foundations Course part 1 Download  
  Foundations Course part 2 Download  
  Foundations Course part 3 Download   
  Foundations Course part 4 Download  
  Foundations Course part 5 Download  
  Foundations Course Notes (Word document) Download  
   Passion for purity (Teaching our kids about sex)    
  Passion for purity – Part 1  Christy Herselman Download
  Passion for purity – Part 2 Christy Herselman Download
  The Chat Christy Herselman Download 
   Sermons (Pls contact office for archived messages)    
Link  Name Speaker Date
14Oct2018  What on earth are you doing? Dawn Glenn Download 
23Sep2018  Know you identity! Kathy De La Hunt Download 
21Sep2018  Prophetic Teaching/Activation Kathy De La Hunt Download 
16Sep2018  New Keys New Seasons Dawn Glenn  Download 
9Sep2018  The truth about hell Craig Glenn  Download 
2Sep2018 Living by the Spirit Robert Ntuli Download
26Aug2018 Healing from brokenness Dawn Glenn  Download 
19Aug2018 Faith through love Syd Joelson Download
12Aug2018 Our Majestic and Glorious God Craig Glenn Download
5Augl2018 Passionate Christianity Roland Oliver Download
29Jul2018 The love of God Ryan Matthews Download
22Jul2018 Slaying Giants Clint Barends Download
8Jul2018 Count it all joy! Marvin Welby-Solomon Download 
1Jul2018 Be transformed Dawn Glenn Download
24Jun2018 Loving people like Jesus does Syd Joelson Download
10Jun2018 Stay strong, never give up Ryan Cullen Download
20May2018 Christ in me Craig Glenn Download
6May2018 Positioned for victory Clint Barends  Download 
28Apr2018 Living a Holy Spirit empowered life 2 Paul Tothill Download
27Apr2018 Living a Holy Spirit empowered life 1 Paul Tothill Download
15Apr2018 Limitless Dawn Glenn Download
8Apr2018 Behind the scenes Clint Barends Download
1Apr2018 The four points of the cross 2 Craig Glenn Download
25Mar2018  The authority of the Believer  Craig Glenn  Download
24Mar2018   The power of righteousness Craig Glenn  Download  
18Mar2018 The joy of righteousness  Craig Glenn Download 
11Mar2018 The Jesus lens   Wes Pulvenis Download 
4Mar2018  Building Godly relationships  Clint Barends  Download
 25Dec2017 Lessons from wise men Craig Glenn Download
 17Dec2017 Overcoming Disappointment Cedric Van Duyn Download
 1Sep2017 Building Church 20 One heart one mind Craig Glenn Download 
22Aug2017  Building Church 16 Weapons of our warfare 2 Craig Glenn Download
15Aug2017 Building Church 15 Weapons of our warfare Craig Glenn Download
 9Jul2017 Building Church 14 Sowing and Reaping Craig Glenn Download 
25Jun2017 Building Church 12 Money matters 2 Craig Glenn Download 
18Jun2017 Building Church 11 Money matters 1 Craig Glenn Download 
11Jun2017 Building Church 10 Stewardship! Craig Glenn Download 
 4Jun2017 Building Church 9 Set free  Craig Glenn  Download 
28May2017 Building Church 8 Your spiritual Gifts Drew Land Download
21May2017 Buidling Church 7 Jars of clay Craig Glenn Download
14May2017 Joy in the journey Dawn Glenn Download
7May2017 Buidling Church 6 Established Anointed Sealed Craig Glenn Download
30Apr2017  Forgive  Clint Barends  Download  
5Apr2017 Building Church 4 – Trials & Comfort Craig Glenn Download  
5Mar2017  Drinking Living water 2   Craig Glenn Download 
26Feb2017  Drinking Living water 1  Craig Glenn  Download 
21Feb2017  One Team One Dream Craig Glenn  Download 
19Feb2017  Love one another  Clint Barends  Download   
12Feb2017  Adopted & Invited  Mike Eltringham  Download  
 5Feb2017  Salt & Light Dawn Glenn  Download 
29Jan2017 Divine Benefits 2 Craig Glenn Download
 25Sep2016 How does your garden grow? Adam Bright   Download 
18Sep2016  Ready Aim Fire!  Dawn Glenn Download
11Sep2016 Sowers and eaters   Craig Glenn Download
28Aug2016 The process of salvation Robert Ntuli Download 
21Aug2016 Find your purpose  Craig Glenn   Download
14Aug2-16 The power of Gods word Lindy & Michel Gribben  Download
7Aug2016  Heavens treasure  Craig Glenn  Download  
31Jul2016  Be the Light  Clint Barends  Download 
 26Jul2016 Devoted disciples, Gathered together, To go out  Craig Glenn  Download
24Jul2016 Words have power Dawn Glenn Download 
17Jul2016  Be encouraged, brothers!  Clint Barends  Download 
10Jul2016 Tools of the trade Craig Glenn Download
6Jul2016 Devoted disciples-Gathered together-To go out Craig Glenn Download
2Jul2016 A declaration of dependence Dawn Glenn Download
26Jun2016  Holding on to victory Craig Glenn  Download
19Jun2016   Blessed to be a blessing  Clint Barends  Download
12Jun2016   The power of your tithes and offerings  Craig Glenn  Download
5Jun2016  The Lord is Good  Dawn Glenn  Download
29May2016  The greatness of gratitude  Craig Glenn   Download 
22-May-2016  Blessed is the man 2 Craig Glenn     Download


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